Members of the Board

Who are we:

We are an independent registered NGO formed of people from all backgrounds. The Association enjoys the support of the both governments, Austrian and Kosovo.

The Austrian-Kosovo Association (OeKG – Österreichisch Kosovarische Gesellschaft) actively promotes social and cultural exchange and dialogue between Kosovo and Austria. Our aim is to strengthen Austro-Kosovo relations in all aspects of public and cultural life.

Our values are important:

The association is, as its name suggests, predisposed towards Austria and Kosovo, but is open to the European and worldwide community:  Austrians living in Kosovo, Austrian Kosovars and Descendants of Austria and friends of Austria, who enjoy sharing the tradition, culture and history of Austria and Kosovo.
It represents the realization of freedom, democracy and rule of law in our society.

It demands that we remain future-oriented, and that we stay true to the values from which our tradition was born. Accomplishment, high standards, and social and humane values are as indispensable for us, as is ensuring that we behave in a civilized manner with all other human beings.

What we do:

In accordance with our statute, our goals are:

  • to contribute to wider knowledge of all aspects of Austrian and Kosovan culture, arts and lifestyle
  • to initiate and promote debate on current economic , social and cultural issues
  • to break down prevalent stereotypes and foster interpersonal and inter-organisational contacts between
  • the two countries

To achieve these aims, our main activities include:

  • fostering the ties between Austria and Kosovo through interpersonal and inter-organisational contacts, exchange and visits
  • workshops, courses, film nights, readings and book presentations, exhibitions concerts and other activities (Wiener Ball) aimed at promoting knowledge about all things Austrian and Kosovan
  • invitation of guest speakers from Kosovo and Austria who talk about current affairs or aspects of culture, arts, history, society and lifestyle

Each member is welcome to take part in the above. In principle, family members and selected guests are welcome.