Our Activities

Once a month (please kindly see dates at our annual program) OeKG members will meet at Restaurant Pinocchio, Dragodan at 6.30 pm (18:30), where we will have the possibility to discuss ongoing activities, current developments, cultural issues, etc. and to listen to guest speakers (who will be announced at our News page). Suggestions for other activities OeKG should participate in, are most welcome. Please kindly note, that we don’t ask for a high membership fee in the 1st year of existence of our society, therefore each member is responsible her-/himself for the payment of her/his consumption.


Please kindly inform us if you attend this monthly meeting via e-mail:


in order to be able to reserve a table at Pinocchio.  Thank you so much.


The annual membership fee for 2013 is EUR 20  per person and EUR 30 for couple or per family.


Please kindly make your payment either at one of our monthly meetings in cash or via our bank account at the Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo:


Beneficiary account number: 1501090002444667 and SWIFT code: RBKORS22.

Kosovo accounts don’t have an IBAN yet, the beneficiary account of 16 digits number within Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo should be used instead.